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A-BOMB Humpday Happiness, new jeans, new outlet store blahblah

*blank stare*

I know words go here, I am just not feeling very witty tonight. Pictures work for you?

Lavea has been working on jeans for… well, ages, and she finally finished some that I love to death. Haven’t taken them off since I got the finished product. A quote from a friend who beta tested them for us: “Man, my thighs look awesome in these!” Ok, maybe its not a direct quote because she said whatever it was when I was running on sleeping meds but it was something complimentary about the thighs. Whatever, just come see. 100L:

Exclusive color only 69L for Humpday Happiness at Sn@tch City and The Wash:

For those of you im’ing asking where the clearance area moved in the new shop build? It moved to a new mall called FourFourteen Square. All items priced at 10L or 25L. Also, the mall is currently open for rentals so if you know of anyone looking for a reasonably priced shop, pass along the landmark! Upcoming shops include Sn@tch, Lolapop! and Mango, Mango!. (I hear a rumor that each shop will have lucky chairs, btw.)


HdH week 53 and Albero gatcha festival

Hidy ho kids…here’s what we have this week for you.

HdH week 53 at Snatch City and The Wash:

Lavea pumps in suede at Albero gatcha festival. The gatcha machine is 100L per try, but these are mod/trans so you can swap with friends or use them as gifts. They will go up to their normal price of 200L (mod/copy) when we put them up in the shop after the festival:

Addi has abandoned me again for RL work, so you get yet another boring post!