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A-BOMB New color/tex change sandals plus 1L dress & 100L boots!

I know, I know… y’all are upset that we didn’t have any new releases last week. I tried to crack the whip on Lavea but she whined on and on about not having enough time to build a *completely new from the ground up main store* and design clothes at the same time. I don’t know what she was whining about. I mean, I stood there watching her and our friend Cat build and it didn’t look that hard to me. (No one tell her I said that though. She tends to get a little stabby at times.)

So I guess you want to know about the new release and sale items. Lavea made some kickass strappy sandals that we named Francesca. These babies are scripted with 14 color and 34 texture change options AND you can change each shoe separately so you can wear mismatched sandals if you want. We are selling them for 200L with and introductory price of 50L until Friday. I know that isn’t a heck of a long time for them to be on sale but geez… these babies are copy so you are really getting eleventybillion (give or take) pairs of shoes for 200L if you miss the sale!

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A-BOMB is moving to Sn@tch City!!

You may hear this other places today but we are all so damn excited about the soft opening of Sn@tch City. You should be too!


All your favorite alternative shops in a post apocalyptic nightmare of epic proportions. The aliens have come…the humans are gone and plants and insects rule the city. Something has gotten out of the quarantine area and the city gates are open letting loose every foul beast imaginable. Watch your step, the old ones have their eye on you. Sn@tch City…the Future begins NOW!

8 main stores including Sn@tch, The Hunger, !ReTox!, [Gauze], Forsaken, [42], A-Bomb and Tyranny. Fabulous Branch Stores from Fukmi, Nekoriffic, Urban Dysfunction, Stringer Mausoleum, Pretty-N-Punk, Worldwide Ind. Blood & Scars, Splintered Gallery, Silver Wheel, Virtual Poses & Props, Fear & Clothing, WoE & RARA AVIS.

Consider this weekend a preview leading up to the freakin’ SERIOUS grand opening craziness planned for next week.

Most of us will have one item marked down to 60L and who knows, if you look around enough there may be some hidden freebies or cheapies on some walls too.

Our 60L item is our popular A-BOMB Hunter hiking boots in the zebra print.

We have also moved our Twisted hunt gifts to the new location so take a peek around for it while you are there.

Here’s a pic of the new shop. We are not quite finished with it, but considering we decided to make this move on, oh, MONDAY and had our fanfookingtastic friend build it from scratch, I think its looking damn good.

Build by Caterina Canning, pic by Kalle Contepomi

Build by Caterina Canning, pic by Kalle Contepomi

–>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on our new subscribe-o-matic board. While Lavea was updating the old, it wiped out our subscriber list. There is a limited edition cowboy hat as a gift for signing up, this particular hat will only be available for s-o-m members!<–

A-BOMB Release 3/11/09 – Sale outfit and a L$1 item!

Lavea is on a roll this week! Our second new release is Pictures of You; it is a sort of 80’s retro mini dress in six colors. Regular price on this dress is L$150 and we are marking the blue version down to L$10 until Sunday.

Pink, purple, red, teal and white versions here. CLICKY!

Lesseee, what else? Somewhere in the store we have marked down one item to L$1 for the week too so be sure to look around and pick that up.

We’ve finally gotten around to putting up the Riotvend upstairs. Bring your friends to get the price down on the black ballet boots!

BTW…the purple ballet boots are in the haggle box.

Don’t forget to grab the Twisted hunt box while you are at the shop…with something for men and women in it!

Main Store at Muse (TWISTED hunt prize here at the main store)
Floating Comet
Syryns Sanctum


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XStreetSL 400

Fashion Relay Challenge

Check the Fashion Relay Challenge page for info on rules and other blogs!

Sneaky bloggers! I went out of town for the weekend with four people ahead of me, and came home to find they all blogged this weekend! Sorry for holding up the line, but I’m finally here!

Rosie Shark came up with an adorable beach look, with some very cute hair that I had to run out and get from Pixel Dust (Quinn in Mahogany). I think I managed a slightly different look than she did. 😀

I’m wearing one of my most favoritist things ever. Addison went on a hunt for a leather jacket and found this amazing one from Cipher. Yes, it is a prim coat. I am just astounded by the prim detail on it. It comes with two lengths on the lower section or it can be worn without them and is just as hot as you can see below.

I’ve paired the jacket with the Sn@tch Purple Latex Pants and Metro Boots. I tried my best to not have more than one thing from a designer, but I failed. The pants were just perfect and I love purple, and the boots just completed the look. I will take a pat on the back for not self-promoting, though. I was very tempted to put on my own ballet boots! lol

Srsly…what’s not to love about pants that make your butt look this good?

And finally…accessories!

I am in love with my face piercing set. All the pieces you see including the hoop earrings attach on ONE ATTACH POINT! I haven’t taken it off since I got it at LoveCats. My collar is actually a Christmas gift item from Fussy, and I am unsure if it is available otherwise. I looked through the store and didn’t find it, but I’m a bit daft at times. 😀

I know, that technically means I didn’t meet the accessory requirement for this challenge. However, I personally consider tattoos an accessory. The one I am wearing is from Garden of Ku named No More Pain. There are some really amazing tat sets there. Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

Ah…skin. We do love our skins, don’t we? [42] has much for us to love, including the skin I am wearing. It is Gravity_04 in neutral. Skin packs include four different looks.

That’s it for me…passing the baton on to Brandy Rasmuson !

A-BOMB – Twisted Hunt, L$25 dress and L$1 shoes!

So I admit it, I’m a big ol’ slacker. Poor Lavea slaves over new releases and all I have to do is blog and can I do that in a timely manner? Apparently not! (FTR, i do a LOT more than blog but whatever.)

The newness is a super cute, rockabilly style dress in four colors. The Little Lisa dress is priced at L$150 with the dagger version on sale for L$25 until Tuesday-ish. (It was supposed to be through today but again… Addi = slacker.)

We’ve also marked down one of our biggest selling shoes to only L$1 this week. The Bianca pumps in purple. I don’t have a pretty picture of this to show you but they are right there on the wall with the other shoes.

A-BOMB is proud to be in the TWISTED Hunt and until March 30th will be giving a version of the Little Lisa dress made especially for the hunt and a pretty snappy shirt for the guys. I have two pics showing the guys shirt because the one I took was crap and a friend took pity on me and snapped a better one.

So that’s that. Lavea will be home from her weekend trip and she can’t yell at me for not blogging. YAY!

See you soon!
Addi Mortlock
Main Store at Muse (TWISTED hunt prize here at the main store)
Floating Comet
Syryns Sanctum


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