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New boots at A-BOMB

As promised, we have some new boots up at our mainstore location. They’re fun and funky lace-ups with a wedge heel. Choose from 6 colors (L$200 each) or pick up the color-change HUD version for L$600.

Finally something new @ A-BOMB!

So, six months after starting this dress, I’ve finally managed to finish it.

150L, available at the mainstore.

I’ve got Cat hard at work on some boots, so hopefully we’ll have those available soon.


Gift card sale at A-BOMB

Gift cards available at our Snatch City location

New at A-BOMB this week

Shoe Fair is over and we have our new shoes up at the main shop now.

Scoop neck & back Ts for summer at 50L each:

A sweet, lacy dress at 150L each:

Taxi to A-BOMB

It’s that time of year again…Shoe Fair!

We’ve studded up our sexy Lavea pumps and made them patent. The color-change HUD version is 600L and we have individual colors for 200L each.

Cat has made a cute new striped slingback named Katy. Again, the HUD version is 600L with 200L for individual colors.

Love rainbows? How about zebra print? We’ve got them both in one fab shoe! Our Khitten Rainbow shoe is 200L.

I’ve had the color-change HUD version of our Sileny flats sitting in my inventory for months and finally managed to package it up. It’s 200L and we have our individual shoes at 50L up, also.

A-BOMB at Shoe Fair

Daisy print camis at A-BOMB

Time to pack away the sweaters and fill the closet with new summer threads! We have new camis with a cute daisy print for just 75L each. They can be worn with or without the prim, making them versatile.


Fun new totes at A-BOMB

We have another new purse out, this time a tote. It comes in 9 different patterns, each with a choice of right hand and right shoulder attach points. These are perfect for summer fashions!

100L each:

A-BOMB at Snatch City

A-BOMB New release and Shoe Fair sneak peek!

A-BOMB Studded satchel ad

A-BOMB studded satchels

Available at A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City for only 100L!

And have a sneak peek at the shoes we will release at Shoe Fair 2011:

Shoe Fair 2011 Sneak Peek

Shoe Fair 2011 Sneak Peek

A-BOMB 75% off Spring Cleaning Sale!

It’s been a long, busy winter for us here at A-BOMB, but Spring has finally come. In addition to purging and cleaning my RL house, I’m purging and cleaning here on SL!

I’ve moved a bunch of items, including boots and shoes, to our Outlet store where everything is 10L or 25L only! You’ll find items there for men and women.

Since I was tinkering around the shop, I figured it was a good time for a sale, so everything in the main store location only at Snatch City is 75% off. That means prices range from a mere 12L to 150L max for our latest color-change HUD shoes! Yes, I said 150L is the most expensive thing in the shop right now! This sale will only last through the weekend, so come in soon.

75% off sale at Snatch City
A-BOMB Outlet

A-BOMB HdH 69L item for week 72

Snatch City
The Wash