A-BOMB Humpday Happiness, new jeans, new outlet store blahblah

*blank stare*

I know words go here, I am just not feeling very witty tonight. Pictures work for you?

Lavea has been working on jeans for… well, ages, and she finally finished some that I love to death. Haven’t taken them off since I got the finished product. A quote from a friend who beta tested them for us: “Man, my thighs look awesome in these!” Ok, maybe its not a direct quote because she said whatever it was when I was running on sleeping meds but it was something complimentary about the thighs. Whatever, just come see. 100L:

Exclusive color only 69L for Humpday Happiness at Sn@tch City and The Wash:

For those of you im’ing asking where the clearance area moved in the new shop build? It moved to a new mall called FourFourteen Square. All items priced at 10L or 25L. Also, the mall is currently open for rentals so if you know of anyone looking for a reasonably priced shop, pass along the landmark! Upcoming shops include Sn@tch, Lolapop! and Mango, Mango!. (I hear a rumor that each shop will have lucky chairs, btw.)


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