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A-BOMB shoes shoes shoes!

No no, we didn’t forget about you all. Life has just been hectic and well, as we have told you a million times… we are sort of slackers. Doesn’t mean we have been doing NOTHING though…

Caterina has knocked out a couple of new pairs of shoes. Hot hot supah hot stilettos in snakeskin or smooth version. 150L until the next release date and then they will go to the regular price of 300L.

She has also been hard at work rescripting the rest of the shoes in the store to be texture/color change. All also 150L until next release then will go up to 300L.

It’s that time of year again…Sn@tch’s 3rd Annual “Haunted House” with a twist. “This is not a “hunt” this is an interactive and immersive game with puzzles and prizes. It will not be easy or quick. The puzzles are simple yet slightly challenging and it may take some time to get through, so plan for at least an hour when you come in order to finish.”
Gifts interspersed throughout the build, including two from A-Bomb. One for women and one unisex:

Nighmare Eden Poster Final Jpeg
The start is just outside our main store. (If you are facing the front of the store, look to your right.)
Main Store at Sn@tch City

And at our Wash location we are participating in the Apple Boppers event. “Apple Boppers is basically sort of a hunt, but nothing is hidden. Cauldrons will be placed in participating stores and easy to find. There is twist though, you have to bob for your gift. some stores have more than one gift too. So you sit on the cauldron and see if you get a trick or a treat, you want the treats!!! Might take you a few times or get it right off. It is random and designed for fun!”

The Wash

Let’s see… what else? We have two new locations. I bet if you took a run to each landmark, you will be able to hunt down one item at each that is marked down to 35L.
A-BOMB @ Reasonable Desires Mall

A-Bomb @ Blue Moon City

And we will be participating in the “Trapped in the 80’s” hunt from November 1st to the 15th. Look for additional info on the hunt in future notecards.

Well, I think that’s that! Hurry in to get the discounted prices.
Addi, Lavea and Cat 🙂