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“In with the new, revamp the old” SALE!!

Happy Sunday everyone! We lots of goodies for you this week so I will keep my babbling to a minimum. You may have noticed we did some rearranging at the store and one of the perks of this is that most of our recent line of shoes/boots have been rescripted to be color change.

Revised shoes:
Mia ballet flats: formerly just in black, now are color change. (100L sale, then 200L)
Nazumi sneakers: formerly had to buy individual colors, now color change. (150L sale, then 300L)
Luna sneakers: formerly had to buy individual colors, now color change. (150L sale, then 300L)
Rory boots: formerly had to buy individual colors, now color change. (150L sale, then 300L)

We have also moved our popular Hunter boots to the clearance wall in anticipation of a new line of men’s/unisex boots.

I am in love with wedge shoes right now, so we shoved Caterina in a room with only bread and water until she sculpted these beauties for you!
New shoes: (All 150L sale price, then 300L)
Amy-black platform
Amy-cork platform
Leela-black platform
Leela-cork platform

Now, I know some of you shy away from pencil skirts because the system skirts tend to make one a little junkier in the trunk than they wish, but you are going to want to snap up this new dress while its on sale!

Be My Baby: (75L sale price, then 150L)

We have a lot in store for you in the next few weeks… Halloween event at sn@tch, new satellite location at Reasonable Desires Mall, Stuck in the 80’s hunt, group gifts through a new group Dead Dolls of SL (joiner at the front window) and much much more!

Oh and we still have the special edition gray Venus boots out at 150L, all money for these boots goes to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research. Come get these while you can, they go poof on the 30th!

Well, that’s that! Make sure to head in before Wednesday when we take the sale prices off!
Addi, Lavea and Cat
Main Store at Sn@tch City
The Wash




A-Bomb supports “Wear Gray for a Day”

Yes, its late in the day but we’ve been super busy recently and are just now getting around to getting out our item to support the Wear Gray campaign. We have made a special unscripted gray edition of our Venus boots which are for sale at 150L in our main store. Upstairs you will also find a simple donation ribbon. Both the ribbon and the vendor for the boots are scripted so that all proceeds go directly to be converted and forwarded to the American Cancer Society by the people running the campaign. We have also marked all gray items in the store down to 30L. Both specials will run until September 30th.
Gray Venus

I have lost many family member to the various forms of cancer and it is quite simply a terrifying thing for all involved. Please donate. Lives will be saved.
Gray for a Day

Thank you,
Addison Mortlock and the A-Bomb Team

A-Bomb – Addi’s 2nd Rez Day 2 for 2L special!!

Its my rezdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (and Lavea’s was this past week) So you all get to come poke around the shop and find the 2 items marked down to 2L for 2 days! (through Friday that is!) Annnnd… one of the marked down items is unisex!

On to the new releases at the main shop!

“There’s an army
On the dance floor
It’s a fashion
With a gun my love”

New dress with zippers and grommets and plaid and and its super cute. Marked at 50% off for the rezday celebration its only 75L until we get around to setting it at full price of 150L (probably Sunday, no earlier than that). Come get it!

And those of you who have picked up our Twisted Hunt Prize have seen a version of these new boots made by our lovely and talented Sculpty Queen Caterina. The official release offers about 8,537,426 color and heel change options. I know this because they made me test the scripts. 150L is the rezday celebration price, full price will be 300L!

Speaking of the Twisted Hunt, we have a gift for women AND men in ours so make sure you come get it before the 30th. Our new hint is “Pssst…. c’mere, we want to tell you something.” If you have no clue what I am talking about when I say Twisted Hunt, go here:

Oh OH, and we still have 10 items for 10L out in front of the shop at The Wash until the 14th!

mmk I think that’s that. Have a great day, I know I will!

I’m baaaaccccckkkkkkkk!

That’s right… intarwebs has arrived at the casa de addi and you no longer have to yawn your way through Lav’s posts. Kidding, kidding. She isn’t boring, just hates to do blog posts. That’s why she pays me the big bucks.

No new release today, but she never got around to blogging the super cute boots Cat made for us so here I am. These floral hotties are still on sale so hurry your tushes in to the store to snap them up at 100L before we get around to changing the price back to 200L.

These also come in tan, pink, purple and a silvery grey, I just didn’t want to clog up the feed with all of the colors.

We are participating in the Fall Twisted Hunt and our prize is a special edition of our upcoming Juliet boots and a pair of hiking boots for men, no pics you’ll just have to swing by and pick them up. We’ll be moving the box thingy around quite a bit so don’t bother giving out a direct link to it… though it does amuse me to watch people wait for something to rez that isn’t there so on second thought, go right ahead!

Well, that’s that… talk to you soon!

A-BOMB Main Shop

Oh wait! We also have ten goodies on sale at our Carwash location. Don’t forget to swing by there and pick those up too!!
The Wash