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BIG New release at A-Bomb!

ZOMG! Did y’all miss me? It must have killed you that I was gone for six weeks. Wait, what? You did TOO notice I was gone. Sh’up, you did. Be nice or I am not going to tell you about the thirty three million new releases we have for you. Yeah, I knew that would get your attention.

First, lean over here so I can whisper something in your ear… closer… “Lavea has been too lazy to go change the prices on the vendors so the 50% off sale is being extended until Wednesday. And I’ve talked Caterina into going in and making sure the new releases are marked down too.” See how nice I am when I’ve been offline for a while? You’re welcome.

Quick rundown and pics because although we don’t really have thirty three million new releases, we do have quite a few new things and I don’t want you to get bored.

We have a dress out that was designed by Lavea’s lovely 12 year old critter. She sketched it up and and Lav created it in world. Distracted comes in six colors, with a cute prim skirt, legwarmers and one shoulder tee with a smattering of stars. We will be selling it for L$150 but it will be L$75 until Wednesday.

After searching the grid for the perfect little ballerina flats to wear in the ad, we gave up and cracked the whip in Cat’s direction and she headed into blender and sculpted the Mia Ballet Flats. Normally L$75, they are only L$37 until Wednesday.

Cat also was hard at work sculpting some chunky mary jane’s which Lavea named after our friend Fukmi Sideways. So freaking cute with a cute skull pattern on the tongue. Normal price L$200, L$100 until Wednesday.

And in case you didn’t see the blog entry, Lavea eight colors of a supah cute emo boy (or girl) shirts. Panic Switch is L$50 until, yes, Wednesday… when they will go up to L$100.

So, that’s that. Don’t know when I will be back but hope to have net access at home by the end of the week. Only one more week of crying, you can do it.

See you soon! Addison

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Has it really been a year?

Why yes, it has! A-BOMB is celebrating it’s one year anniversary with a big sale and some free items. EVERYTHING has been marked 50%…including the clearance area!

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