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A-Bomb in Twisted Krissmuss 2009!

Yep its about time for another event by DV8. This is not so much a hunt as a way to get some great gifts for the holidays. A ton of stores have gotten together and we will be making an item (or items!) to be sold at 100L so that everyone can have a great holiday in SL!

From the ‘official’ notecard:
WHY WE’RE DOING THIS: The economy has really hit a lot of people hard – and when the economy is bad, the holidays usually suck. And the holidays should NEVER suck. Now, we can’t really do anything about that in real life… but in Second Life, we can. And we’re going to. We mean to make it affordable for people to get nice holiday presents.
WHAT IT IS: A holiday shopping tour, put on by Second Life creators who want to make the holidays more awesome than they might have been for many. It runs December 7 – December 30, 2009.

More info here….


Black Friday at A-BOMB

Yes, we’re jumping on the bandwagon and having a 50% off sale at The Wash location through Sunday.

Happy Humpday at A-BOMB!

We have another 69L item for y’all this week. Drop by and grab it before midnight, and be sure to check out the other participating stores!

WoE –
Audacity –
~*Crossroad Dreams*~ –
Stellar by Lexi Morgan –
*Dreams* –
Ilaya –
Holli Pocket –
La Petite Morte –
Moonshine Designs –
Sn@tch –
Sexy in Pink
Mix and Match –
Deviant Kitties –
alaMood Boutique –
Adore&Abhor –

A-Bomb Boots, shoes, jacket, pants and sweater release!

Hey kidlets.

This week’s new release notice is going to be picture heavy and scant on words. The fact is, I am now working two jobs irl and I’m just plain exhausted.

Pics below of the scads of new items we have up for you. You know the drill. Sale price listed first then the eventual ‘regular price’ once we send next notice.

Just because I am sleepy doesn’t mean I am not super excited about the releases: hot shoes and boots, to die for high waist pants, snuggly sweaters and super-de-duper cute short jacket.

That’s all I can eeek out before I qwertyface.
❤ Addi (and Lavea and Caterina, of course)

25, then 50:

150, then 300:

Here’s the fatpack of turtlenecks (200, then 400). These can also be purchased individually for 50L, then 100L):

And a fatpack of high-waist pants (150, then 300). These also can be purchased individually for 50L, then 100L.

Finally, jackets for 100L now, then 200L regular price:

It’s Humpday Happiness once again!

Pop on down to A-BOMB main store to pick up “At Last” in red for just 69L. Hurry, the sale is one day only!

Don’t forget to check out the other stores participating this week!