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Pink and shiny, and just 25L

Starting this post with the shoes because, well, they are sooo hot. Our lovely Caterina made these herself from top to bottom! I asked Addi to name them and it took her all of about 10 seconds to say “Ivey.” Seriously perfect name.

For an outfit, we have Melt The Guns. A cute pinstripe capri set with prim strap, cuff and waistband.

In honor of Ivey, we’ve put both the pink outfit AND the pink shoes on sale at 25L until Wednesday! All others are 150L (still a bargain). I am also gonna try to prod myself to get a black pair of shoes made to go in the Riot Vend upstairs.

Don’t forget to go the Pride sim as it ends this weekend! We’ve marked the items there half-off!

A-BOMB at Snatch City.



Miss Kiss

Like…. OMG! A third new release in a week?! Its twoo, its twoo! So Lav, Cat and I are all plurk addicts… and two days ago, Cajsa plurked a picture of Dita von Teese in a a pretty blue dress saying “I want this in sl.” Of COURSE, Lav jumped at the chance to make the dress for her! I took one look at it and flailed about the room. Its stunning, I tell you, simply stunning!

Cajsa’s blog post.

This dress is a steal for only 150L but until Sunday, you can pick up the blue version for only 25L!!

Let’s see… what else do you need to know? We are proud to be vendors, along with stores such as sn@tch, katat0nik, Tyranny and Apex To Nadir, at the SecondPride Festival, running from May 23rd to May 30th! Make sure you come out and visit us and show support for this great event. SecondPride is non-profit and all proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.

We have two hot items that every linden will go directly to the festival as donations.

A-BOMB main store

A-BOMB Miss Murder

Finally, Lav got her lazy bum going and made a new outfit. It’s a cute plaid skirt set with a sculpt tie and color. This thing comes with nine…yes NINE…top layers. You can wear just the corset, just the top or wear them together! The green version is 25L through Sunday with the regular price being 150L!

pppssstttt…Lav didn’t get around to changing the price on those trainers yet, so two pair are still only 25L!


New shoes for women AND MEN!

As promised, we have some supercute new stripey sneakers AND a unisex version in black with plaid at A-BOMB! The red stripe Nazumis and the yellow Lunas are just 25L through the weekend!

Our swimwear separates are also still marked down at 25L because, honestly, I am just too lazy to change all the prices. 25L sounds like a reasonable price, so I’ll just leave them at that!

Bikini Blowout at A-BOMB

PHEW! After a month of ripping up carpet, painting, moving furniture, and cleaning, the RL house is back in order. AND I’ve finally managed to finish up the bikini separates line that I started! Eight different patterns, each with eight pieces to mix and match!

They are selling for just 25L per piece through Sunday (or Monday, whenever I get the price changed…y’all know how lazy I can be about doing that). Regular price will be 50L each.

I’ve included a pic of each piece in a different pattern as I don’t think y’all want to sort through 64 pictures!

We’ve also added a new employee to our shop…Caterina Canning. She is the genius builder who made our main shop, including the rockin’ staircase. Poor Addison has been snatched away from SL with a RL job. (Thus the subpar notice today from Lavea.)

Cat’s already whipped up some very cute sneakers for girls and is on to tartan versions for boys and girls. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get the vendors made up for the sneakers yet. Cross your fingers they are up some time today!

Main shop