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A-BOMB 69L Humpday and Hunt info!

Today is the last day of the Twisted hunt, be sure to head in to pick up the Strange Brew edition of the Marissa boots!

Designed to coordinate with the Sn@tch hunt gift. Color change with light green, dark green and black.

Its Humpday Happiness day again and this week we have our cable knit sweater set out at 69L until Midnight tonight. Complete list of participants can be found here.

Tomorrow is the start of the Just For The Girls hunt. We have an black version of our wedge shoe with a color change bow for you!



A-BOMB hotness!

Let’s see what we have this week. It’s a bit of a madhouse at A-BOMB this week with new releases, RL stuff and trying to get things done for upcoming hunts and the Alt Fair.

First, we have the Cajsa boots. As with all of our shoes, they are color change and mod/copy. The intro price is 150L which will last through the weekend, and then they will be 300L (which is still a bargain).

We also still have the Gidge clogs on the new release wall at the intro price:

Clothing-wise, we have a new dress based on the 40’s secretary style named So Long, Marianne. Intro 75L through the weekend, then 150L regular price: (Six color combos, just one shown below.)

Finally, we have eight unisex tank tops at 25L each intro, then 50L regular price: (One example below.)

A-BOMB Gidgelicious new shoes and 69L Humpday Happiness!

New shoes, you need the pretties. Yes, all of them. Go. Now.

69L Humpday Hapiness, another thing you need. Why are you still here? I said GO.

Hunts and Fairs:
Current: Twisted Hunt


Alternative Clothing Fair to be held from April 22-May 2, 2010. It will be dark, dirty and evily fun.

See? I can do succinct!
❤ Addison
Main store at sn@tch cityNew items and Humpday Happiness items
The Wash
Reasonable Desires Island All around goodness and cute stores

Shop blog


A-BOMB 69L Humpday Happiness SALE! (and new sculpt!)

Lavea is of Irish heritage. You can’t be expecting her to, like, design this week can you? No, you cannot. Therefore we have a sale! Yes, a 69L sale on everything green or teal in the store. And possibly a few colors that are close to green or teal but not quite. (No, greedy. If the only green in the ad is on color swatches, its not on sale.) This will last at least until midnight SLT today (3/17/10 US date) or whenever we get around to changing them back…

Kittencat has released a new FullPerm SculptMap and texture package for designers. These are located on the third floor of the shop.

Twisted Hunt is still going on so make sure you stop by to pick up that gift!

Taxi to A-BOMB!

A-BOMB Butterfly Kisses and 69L Humpday Happiness!

Its been a hectic week in the A-BOMB households so we only have one new release for you.

Butterfly Kisses is a casual outfit with shirt, socks (two types) and panties. It comes in 5 yummy spring colors and is priced at L$125 until the next new release when it will go to the regular price of L$250.
If you get to the store today, you can pick up a 6th for only 69L!

I poked around a bit at the 69L Humpday offerings and the Flutterby offered by Awesome Blossom would be super cute with our set!

Lessee.. what else? Don’t forget to stop by and find the gift (one for the guys in the box too!) we have set out for the Twisted Hunt running until the end of the month. We are gearing up for the Just For The Girls Hunt and Cat is slaving away in the sculpty shop to bring you new boot/shoe/sandal goodness. (pssst… the cart sale at The Wash was supposed to end yesterday but a lot of the carts are still out! you may want to run over there and pick up any 10L goodies you missed!)

New items and Humpday Happiness items
Washes Cart Sale items
All around goodness and cute stores

Shop blog


A-BOMB is happy to announce…

that our fabulous shoe creator and prim goddess, Caterina Canning, is offering one her sculpt shoes for sale full-perm! These are the very cute ballet flats. She’s selling the full-perm sculpts and shading for 1000L….a bargain!

Go to the third floor of A-BOMB to grab them!

Humpday, hunt and new item at A-BOMB!

This will be short and sweet as my brain is not in full-fuctioning mode today.

Newness (125L intro price, then 250L next week):

If you aren’t a fan of stars but like the outfit, never fear! I’ll be working on some other patterns this week.

Humpday Happiness at 69L:

The Strange Brew Twisted hunt is on. We have boots that are color change in light green, dark green and black. They have been done to match the hunt gift from Sn@tch. Below is a pic of addi rocking the A-BOMB and Sn@tch:

A-BOMB Main store

Don’t forget the cart sale at The Wash…nothing over 10L!