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Sexy new boots and skirt set!

This week we have a very cute skirt set. The skirt comes with sculpted waistband and bow, and the top is a tank in four color choices. It’s just 100L through Wednesday (regular price 200L).

We also have some fabulous boots. While similar in looks, one has more of a platform sole. They are color change, resize and come with a cute chain that has eight pendant choices. You can also choose between two heel styles! On sale through Wednesday for 150L, afterwhich they will be regularly priced at 300L.

Don’t forget to check out the 10L clearance area while your here!


More A-BOMB newness and 25L blue sale!

I’m apparently on a roll because I managed to knock out another outfit. Go me! Sale price through Sunday is 75L each but as the blue sale is going on still, the blue version is just 25L!

Speaking of the blue sale, you have just two days left to come grab the deals! Wander upstairs, too, for some fabulous shoes, including some in the 10L clearance area.

A-BOMB at Snatch City

A-BOMB 25L sale on everything blue!

Ah, summer. It makes it really hard to sit at the computer, both for designers and shoppers. I’ve managed to make myself sit down and make something new, though. If you like stripes, this is the outfit for you. It’s just 75L through Sunday (150L after that) and comes in six colors.

But wait! Since I wanna get some bodies in the shop, I’m having a spur of the moment, OMG I need to pay rent sale! Everything…yes, EVERYTHING…in the shop that has the color blue in it is marked down to 25L. Outfits, shoes, boots…EVERYTHING! That means this new outfit in blue is…you guessed it…just 25L. It also includes the color/texture change shoes as they have blue in them. This sale will run through Sunday!

Don’t forget to check out the clearance area. I just moved our pumps over, meaning they are now just 10L!

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