A-BOMB – It’s Hump Day!!! Week 57! Also: NEW SHOES AND STUFFS!

You know the drill… 69L, supposed to only be out one day but we are lazy. You never know though, it *could* disappear at Midnight tonight, so don’t wait.
A-BOMB  Khitten Bowed-noir
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash

And new shoes! We have a belted suede version of our Maria wedge boots available in six colors for $L100, MOD/TRANS. Yes, TRANSFER! We are a part of Twisted Krissmus, an event to help you find great gifts at a good price that are transferrable.

See the website for more information and a list of stores. http://twistedkrissmuss.dv8productions.net/
Lavea already blogged them here. But here’s one picture to refresh your memory:
A-BOMB Maria belted-teal

Oh, I said there would be “stuff” didn’t I? *thinks* Well, there isn’t stuff yet, but there will be. Tomorrow, or maybe the next day, so don’t be upset if I send you another notice.

OH! WAIT! There is some stuff, jsut not ALL the stuff! Our knit set. Yes, I know loads of people are making scarfs and such… but its winter here. All of the stores are selling them irl too! Odd, I know.
But, um… I don’t think its up at the store yet and I am unsure how much we are charging. But it will be out soon! And its not like we ever charge an arm and leg for anything, right?
A-BOMB Knit set-greenblackA-BOMB Knit set-purpleyellowA-BOMB Knit set-pinkorange
A-BOMB Knit set-redblackA-BOMB Knit set-tanbrownA-BOMB Knit set-bluegreen

❤ you all,
Addi, Lavea and Cat


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