A-BOMB New shooooooooooessssss!

So, purty new shoes as promised! We have had many many requests for our shoes in a single color. From here on out, we will be offering our scripted color change “fatpack” for 600L and single colors for 200L each. These have been out at the store for a couple of days so I really hope you have all been taking advantage of the 50% off card to get the new releases also! If not, you have about 4.5 hours until the 50% off card expires so get to teleporting!

All proceedes on the following exclusive color will be donated to http://www.sophielancasterfoundation.com/

These are available at Horrorfest and the main store at Sn@tch City

Don’t forget to hit these two hunts before the 31st!
A-BOMB HotLD hoodie

A-BOMB FIMH gift-Alex
A-BOMB @ Bloom.

❤ you all!
Addi, Lavea and Cat
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City


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