A-BOMB Hunt Gifts and Great Deals!!!

Hey y’all. No new release this week because we are in a ton of hunts/events this month, opening a new location AND building a new main store (no worries, it will still be on Sn@tch City). SO… free and cheap stuff for you!!

Humpday Happiness!! 69L for a dress and shoes!! (Available at the Snatch City and The Wash locations.)

Silent Lion Troupe out at the Bloom location until the 9th – 75L and these are transfer so you can pick them up for your friends and significant others!

Hunt of the Living Dead

Fall Into Madness Hunt

Upcoming events: Horrorfest 2010, The Washes Grave Robbing Event and of COURSE the always amazing Sn@tch City Halloween Event!

We are showing you a lot of love this month A-BOMB fans, feel free to show some back by picking up those outfits about which you’ve been trying to decide!

❤ Addi, Cat and Lavea

P.S. I hear a rumor floating aroudn the workshop that we are going to have a huge sale when we drop the new build on Sn@tch City. Also rumblings about a new customer appreciation system!


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