A-BOMB – 100L shoes, 69L HdH, Hunt info!!!

Yes yes, the day is almost over but most people realize we never, ever take down the Humpday Happiness item at midnight on Wednesday so you have plenty of time. 69L.
A-BOMB HdH week 47
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash

Peep toe pumps with an adorable bow!

Introductory price of 100L, then will go to 200L per pair when the next new release comes out. There are 11 colors, I don’t think you want me to put 11 pictures here soooo, the rest can be seen on Lavea’s Flickr or in store.
A-BOMB  Khitten Bowed-eggplant A-BOMB  Khitten Bowed-cyan

Tomorrow is the last day of The Twisted Hunt so get in to the main store to get your Twisted gifts.
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB Twisted Hunt F10 unisex spine tatA-BOMB Twisted Hunt F10 unisex shirt

Never fear though, Friday is the start of two additional hunts. I don’t have pics of the prizes yet but you well know that it will be something you want so check them out around midnight slt tomorrow!

Fall Into Madness Hunt A-BOMB @ Bloom.
Hunt of the Living Dead A-BOMB @ MONKEE Plaza

Okay, that’s that.

❤ Addi, Lavea and Cat

A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash
A-BOMB @ Reasonable Desires Mall
A-BOMB @ Paris New York
A-BOMB @ Bloom.
A-BOMB @ Shopatorium

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