A-BOMB – Humpday Happiness and one of a kind Courtney Boots!

Its Humpday Happiness Week 46 already, can you believe it?! Our lovely Cat was allowed out of the shoe-making sweatshop long enough to make some absolutely gorgeous tattoo layer makeups. Wear them over your favorite skin for a new look! Available today (and for a few more days, knowing our laziness) for only 69L at our Sn@tch and The Wash locations.
A-BOMB HdH week 46

As you know, we have exclusive items up for the Wear Gray Fair, but it gets even BETTER! You can have a ONE OF A KIND pair of A-BOMB Courtney Boots through an auction system. Starting bid is only 20L!!

Right when you land you will see 3 Bid boxes by Lucky Designs. In each bid box there will be a one of a kind item that is up for auction for 24 hours. If you are out bid it will send you your money back along with a message and SLurl if you wish to bid higher.
A-BOMB Courtney Boots-Wear Gray Exclusive 20L

Caterina has released a new pair of full perm sculpts under her line Kittencat. These can be found on the third floor at our Sn@tch location. Reasonably priced at 1500L, this is a great deal if you’ve got your own store and want to start selling shoes under your own brand!

FULL PERM ADS - Ankle Boots v1

Alrighty then, I think that’s about it for new stuff to buy today but don’t forget we are in the Twisted Hunt. Upcoming events include the Fall Into Madness Hunt, Hunt of the Living Dead, and Horrorfest. Also, keep an eye out for new shoes and a line of hobo purses!

Okay okay, the purses aren’t out at the stores yet but I’m gonna go ahead and give you the pics/info. Y’all be sure to harass Lavea about not getting them out in a timely fashion! Introductory price is 100L but they will be only 50L until our next new release!
A-BOMB Hobo purse-tealA-BOMB Hobo purse-redA-BOMB Hobo purse-purple
A-BOMB Hobo purse-brownA-BOMB Hobo purse-blueA-BOMB Hobo purse-black

❤ Addi, Lavea and Cat

A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash
A-BOMB @ Reasonable Desires Mall
A-BOMB @ Paris New York
A-BOMB @ Bloom.
A-BOMB @ Shopatorium

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