A-BOMB – Wear Gray, Twisted Hunt and new releases!

Loads of stuff to show/tell you, not much time!

Wear Gray Fair – September 12-25, 2010. Please see the official blog for more information.

A-BOMB at Wear Gray Fair
These exclusives are only 100L and will be GONE after the fair. Get them while you can! Notice there are two items for you males on our list!!
A-BOMB Unisex striped polo-Wear Gray exclusiveA-BOMB Sweater coat-Wear Gray exclusive

A-BOMB wedges-leopard (Wear Gray exclusive)A-BOMB deck shoes-zebra (Wear Gray exclusive)

Twisted Hunt is going on until September 30th, UNISEX Freebies!
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB Twisted Hunt F10 unisex spine tatA-BOMB Twisted Hunt F10 unisex shirt

New Release! Unisex Striped Polos – 50L then 100L
A-BOMB Unisex striped polo-graytealA-BOMB Unisex striped polo-graypurpleA-BOMB Unisex striped polo-grayblue

A-BOMB Unisex striped polo-grayredA-BOMB Unisex striped polo-graygreenA-BOMB Unisex striped polo-graywhite

I hear that this week’s Humpday Happiness special is still up and 69L, full outfit including shoes, only 69L.
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash
A-BOMB HdH week 44

Upcoming events: NEW GATCHA SHOES!!!, Silent Lion Troupe, Horrorfest, ACS Makeover Magic 2010, Fall Into Madness Hunt, Hunt of the Living Dead, Pier Sidewalk Sale, full color release of the Wear Gray exclusive sweaters, sim wide Halloween stuff and MORE MORE MORE! *falls over dead*

<3, Addi, Lavea and Cat
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash
A-BOMB @ Reasonable Desires Mall
A-BOMB @ Paris New York
A-BOMB @ Bloom.
A-BOMB @ Shopatorium

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