A-BOMB – Gacha, Humpday Happiness, Shoe Fair and ZP HUNT!!!

LALALALALALA I am baaaackkkk! No more boring notices from Lavea, I mean… um… no, I said exactly what I meant. I know you missed me but I’m all moved irl and here now so dry your eyes, A-BOMB fans.

Humpday Happiness. Yes yes, I know Wednesday is almost over but the quicker of you in the bunch will have noticed that we rarely remove the Humpday item on Thursday… or Friday or… well, you get the picture. Snap up the UNISEX Kelly shoes for a mere 69L. If you already own them and would like to send them as a gift to someone else, drop me a notecard before we remove the HdH ad from the stores and I will get with you to arrange to have them sent.
A-BOMB Kelly deck shoes
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City
A-BOMB @ The Wash

We’ve added a gacha machine at the main store. 20L a pop for various colors of sandals.
gacha ad
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City

On to our new release for Shoe Fair 2010. If you haven’t heard of Shoe Fair, you’ve apparently been hiding under a rock for weeks. Gobs of sims covered with new offerings from the best shoe makers on the grid. Yes, I *am* including our store in that statement because Cat is getting damn good at making scrumptious shoes. The Khitten Heels are available only at the fair at the moment and for a mere 150L. The color change HUD Cat built for this release makes it even easier for you to “fatpack” your shoes for one low price. Hurry though because when shoe fair ends on the 25th they will go to the normal price of 300L in all of our stores.
A-BOMB Khitten-Thick heel-SuedeA-BOMB Khitten-Thin heel-SnakeA-BOMB Khitten-Thin heel-LeatherA-BOMB Khitten-Thick heel-Leather
A-BOMB @ Shoe Fair 2010, to the right of N-CORE

Annnnnd last but certainly not least, we are again participating in the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and here is a peekture of our super-de-duper hunt prize. This is available at our Bloom. store and will probably go poof forever once the hunt is over.
A-BOMB ZP Hunt ad
A-BOMB @ Bloom. Silent Lion Troupe item

Oh OH! I almost forgot. Caterina has released two new full perm sculpts for use in your own shops. I’ve convinced her to run a sale so for now, all Kittencat full perm sculpts are 1500L, get to them before she remembers to change it back to the normal price of 2500L! They are located on the third floor of our main store at sn@tch city. ō€€
FULL PERM ADS - Rain Boots v1FULL PERM ADS - Knee Boots v1 & 2
A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City


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