A-BOMB – Humpday Happiness and new releases.

Ok, its later in the day than I would have hoped to get the Humpday Happiness item on the feeds, but I have pneumonia… that’s a good reason, right?

So anyway, here it is in all its vaguely androgynous glory! The Puttin’ on the Ritz fatpack for only 69L all day today! (and probably tomorrow because although its been out since midnight I am just now blogging.)

On to the new releases:
Unisex Kelly Deck shoes, perfect with our plaid shorts and polo shirts. 150L until the next release, then 300L.

You know something folks? A lot of stores wouldn’t be where they are today without the support AND criticism of the blogging community. Even if we don’t like hearing what some people have to say, its helpful to get products out there where a diverse group of people can see our products. A-BOMB is trying to give back to the blogging community in the only way we know how, by recognizing that there are certain bloggers who have been there along the way to critique our work and help us out. We started with the Gidge and Casja shoes and this week we are thanking Chic Aeon for her help and support over the years.

The Chic Wedges are linen wedges priced at 150L until the next release then will go to 300L.

Into the Fire is a flirty little dress perfect for cooling down in the hot summer weather, or throw a shrug over it and pair it withe leggings or jeans for a tunic type shirt. 75L until the next release, then 150L. It is available in six colors.

Ok, a few more things to take care of and I am going to crawl back into my sick bed and try to kick this plague.

❤ Addi, Lavea and Cat

A-BOMB @ Sn@tch City – New items and Humpday Happiness items
A-BOMB @ The Wash
A-BOMB @ Reasonable Desires Mall
A-BOMB @ Paris New York

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