A-BOMB Supah dupah unisex release 5-16-10

Yes, you read that correctly. Its a unisex release! Comfy plaid shorts jsut in time for summer. As always, the prims are modifiable to adjust them for a perfect fit, but we have included large and small prims with each pair. These babies are only 50L until the next new release then will go up to the normal price of 100L.

We have had a TREMENDOUS response to our unisex Addison boots so we are leaving them at 150L but for real, they will go up to 300L at the next new release. If you haven’t picked them up yet, why are you waiting to pay twice the price?!�

Upcoming events:
ZombiepopcornSL Carnival – June 15th – 30th􀀃

The Addiction Hunt –
July 15th to August 15th

OH! IN case you are unaware, The Washes are hosting an Art Street Fair till the end of the month of May. Come check out all the original art from artists all over SL.

I guess that’s that!
❤ Addi, Lavea and Cat

New items and Humpday Happiness items
Washes Art Sale
All around goodness and cute stores at Reasonable Desires Mall
Newest shop at Paris New York

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