A-BOMB Butterfly Kisses and 69L Humpday Happiness!

Its been a hectic week in the A-BOMB households so we only have one new release for you.

Butterfly Kisses is a casual outfit with shirt, socks (two types) and panties. It comes in 5 yummy spring colors and is priced at L$125 until the next new release when it will go to the regular price of L$250.
If you get to the store today, you can pick up a 6th for only 69L!

I poked around a bit at the 69L Humpday offerings and the Flutterby offered by Awesome Blossom would be super cute with our set!

Lessee.. what else? Don’t forget to stop by and find the gift (one for the guys in the box too!) we have set out for the Twisted Hunt running until the end of the month. We are gearing up for the Just For The Girls Hunt and Cat is slaving away in the sculpty shop to bring you new boot/shoe/sandal goodness. (pssst… the cart sale at The Wash was supposed to end yesterday but a lot of the carts are still out! you may want to run over there and pick up any 10L goodies you missed!)

New items and Humpday Happiness items
Washes Cart Sale items
All around goodness and cute stores

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