Purse, Shoes, Dresses, 69L and 10L Sale Cart… oh MY!

Busy, busy week here at A-BOMB and I don’t want you to have to set aside an hour to read the notice so I will TRY not to be too wordy!

Super cute new purse, 100L until next release, then 200L. Color change, cute skully… what more could you want?!

Spectator pumps never go out of style and our color change ankle boot variation is no exception to that rule! 150L until next release then 300L.

We take the ubiquitous little back dress and throw in our A_BOMB flare by putting a cute starry tee underneath it. Six colors in the same pack for 150L until the next release, then 300L.

Tomorrow is HUMPDAY! We decided to bring happiness to out male customers this week also and included an item for them at 69L! So two items available midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow, both at 69L. Sorry, the list of participating designers for week 16 hasn’t been released yet but I am sure you will be able to find that info on the feeds tonight or tomorrow!

And last but certainly not least, we have had a satellite location on the Car Wash sim forever and ever and ever and we are of course participating in the Wash Cart Sale! The cart is right in front of our store and will have 10 items at 10L. Be sure to explore the sim because loads of other stores are participating, some that don’t normally have a shop on the sim! More info here: http://washes.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/washes-bi-annual-cart-sale-tomorrow/

Okay so I was wordy, sue me. See you soon!

❤ Addi, Lavea and Cat


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