I am way way too busy digging out of about 12″ of snow so I am just gonna drive-by notice you with the notecard Lav dropped to bloggers, but here are a few reminders first:

1. We have new boots, which means courtney boots and last week dresses will be going up to regular price todayish. The new boots are named Joanna and will be 150L until the next new release, then regular price of 300L. These are COLOR CHANGE PEOPLE:

2. The valentine bazaar ends on the 17th
3. Red Valentines Wellies are only on sale until the 14th. (Keep reading for info about another pair for FREE!!)

We have a new dress named “Tightrope” that is striped with ruffle accents. Six color choices, of course. It will be 75L until I get my bum to the shop to put out the next release (which is usually 5 to 7 days), and then it will be 150L. As with all our items, they are mod/copy which allows you to tint if necessary to make your graphics settings happy and adjust the prims to fit. Each dress has two color choices for bows and has three skirts set for different attach points.

Since it is almost V-day, we have a special limited-edition version of “Shake It” which was our last release. We’ve had such positive feedback on that dress that we decided to make it in red with white hearts. It’s 69L and will be out on Wednesday for ONE DAY ONLY.

Go here to see a full list of participating stores and pics of items.

Finally, it’s been awhile since we’ve sent out a prezzie to our fabulous customers via the subscribeomatic. Therefore, we’ve made our wellies in purple with heart accents as a gift. These will be sent out on February 13, so let everyone know they need to get on our SoM to get a copy before then!



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