A-BOMB new releases and Haiti Disaster Relief

This isn’t the week for me to be all snarky funny in my post.

Long time sl resident and creator, OMGWTF Barbecue, has set up an avatar named RedCrossDonations Guardian to receive donations to be sent to the Red Cross International Response Fund. All donations will be documented and posted to plurk, flickr and her blog.

Purchase anything in our store that is red (or donate to the kisosk) and all proceeds will go to The Red Cross for relief to victims of the devastation in Haiti. In the case of our color change shoes, any vendor that has a red shoe AS THE AD PIC will be set up to donate to this cause. We also have a donation kiosk for those of you who just want to drop a few lindens. Or, if you prefer to donate irl, here is a US based link for that, too: http://www.redcross.org/

Also, Radio Signals has set up a skybox on her sim, Scribble, where many designers have set up vendors where proceeds go to the effort. Please visit and check out the gorgeous items.
Scribble Skybox

New Releases including a sweater for the guys, half off until the next release (red versions donate to relief fund), please visit the store or Lavea’s flickr to see all colors:

That’s that,
Addison, Lavea and Caterina
Main Store at Sn@tch City

PS. Dick Weasel needs to get some sleep.


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