A-Bomb sweaters, laziness and 69L Humpday Happiness!

Happy new year!

We have 3 things to tell you about this week….

1) First, and definitly best of all….we have an awesome new sweater for you, fresh from our chinese sweatshops, erm… Lavea’s nimble fingertips. The Cable Knit Sweater! Simple and snuggly and warm, perfect for this cold snap that seems to have engulfed us all! (and if its warm where you are, SHUT IT!) 12 luscious colors, with sculpted prim collar, cuffs, and the most gorgeous sculpted hem….personally i think its one of the absolute best things we have made 🙂 On sale this week for just 75L… (By the way, it looks AMAZING with the Boyfriend Jeans from WoE.)

I am only posting a couple of my favorite colors, come to the store to see the other TEN!

2) The holiday sale is still on, so everything in our stores is still at 50% off. Not sure when we are gonna stop being lazy and change all the prices back…so hurry up and grab bargains before we come to our senses! *grins*

3) The latest Humpday item is out at the main store, right in the middle as you go in. Our classic UNISEX Luna sneakers, color change to 8 colors and resizeable, for just 69L. But its only there Wednesday…so you gotta be quick if you want to grab it 🙂

Week 9 Participating Vendors

Audacity Hair, Ilaya,, La Petite Morte, Stellar, A&M MOCAP, ~*Crossroad Dreams*~, HYPER CULTURE, *Dreams*, Grunge Inkorporated, *~*HopScotch*~*, IC-skins , Moxie Polonos, Tree House Treasures, DM Designs Jewelry, Moonshine, GL Designs, Hollie Pocket, Sn@tch (Please see my afore mentioned statement about being lazy and get over the fact that I do not have slurls to these stores. There is a notecard in our subscribo with landmarks to them all.)

Let’s see… anything else? Nope, I think that’s that!

See you soon,
❤ Addison, Lavea and Caterina
Main Store at Sn@tch City
The Wash
Reasonable Desires Island


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