Humpday again already!

My lungs are on fire, but needed to get some A-Bomb news out to you. See how much I love you?

69L Humpday Happiness item, oddly enough, its 69L:

Week 5 69L Humpday Happiness Merchants are *Dreams*, WoE, Audacity Hair, Ilaya, HYPER CULTURE, alaMood Boutique, A-BOMB, ~*Crossroad Dreams*~, Holli Pocket, La Petite Morte, Stellar, Grunge Inkorporated, Peer Poses, Tree House Treasures, Moxie Polano, Sexy in Pink, Adore&Abhor, *~*HopScotch*~*, Sn@tch, Callie Cline, Moonshine, Mango, Mango!, IC-skins, ~*ChEeKyMinXy*~, ~Lantian~

Remember I am sick so I am going to point you to the W0E website for slurls. slurls here

Also, Twisted Krissmuss item, 100L and mod/trans:

What is Twisted Krissmuss you ask? Items from various designers that are set at 100L and are mod/trans to make it easy to give someone a great SL holiday. More info here….

Okay, that’s all I can manage. Time for me to lay back down. We should have a new release for you this week. I’ll get that up asap.

❤ Addi



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