I’m baaaaccccckkkkkkkk!

That’s right… intarwebs has arrived at the casa de addi and you no longer have to yawn your way through Lav’s posts. Kidding, kidding. She isn’t boring, just hates to do blog posts. That’s why she pays me the big bucks.

No new release today, but she never got around to blogging the super cute boots Cat made for us so here I am. These floral hotties are still on sale so hurry your tushes in to the store to snap them up at 100L before we get around to changing the price back to 200L.

These also come in tan, pink, purple and a silvery grey, I just didn’t want to clog up the feed with all of the colors.

We are participating in the Fall Twisted Hunt and our prize is a special edition of our upcoming Juliet boots and a pair of hiking boots for men, no pics you’ll just have to swing by and pick them up. We’ll be moving the box thingy around quite a bit so don’t bother giving out a direct link to it… though it does amuse me to watch people wait for something to rez that isn’t there so on second thought, go right ahead!

Well, that’s that… talk to you soon!

A-BOMB Main Shop

Oh wait! We also have ten goodies on sale at our Carwash location. Don’t forget to swing by there and pick those up too!!
The Wash


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