Bikini Blowout at A-BOMB

PHEW! After a month of ripping up carpet, painting, moving furniture, and cleaning, the RL house is back in order. AND I’ve finally managed to finish up the bikini separates line that I started! Eight different patterns, each with eight pieces to mix and match!

They are selling for just 25L per piece through Sunday (or Monday, whenever I get the price changed…y’all know how lazy I can be about doing that). Regular price will be 50L each.

I’ve included a pic of each piece in a different pattern as I don’t think y’all want to sort through 64 pictures!

We’ve also added a new employee to our shop…Caterina Canning. She is the genius builder who made our main shop, including the rockin’ staircase. Poor Addison has been snatched away from SL with a RL job. (Thus the subpar notice today from Lavea.)

Cat’s already whipped up some very cute sneakers for girls and is on to tartan versions for boys and girls. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get the vendors made up for the sneakers yet. Cross your fingers they are up some time today!

Main shop


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