A-BOMB New, free, cheap… come visit!

So yeah, its been a couple of weeks. Its not that Lavea hasn’t been sewing her poor fingers off! I’m gonna try not to talk too much cause I have roughly eleventybillion things to show you and I know you’d rather look at pretty pictures than read my babbles.

Its trying to be spring here in our part of the US and we’ve got some super cute swing kids inspired dresses to go along with it. Aptly named Swing Time, of course! Four for sale at L$150 each and two exclusive patterns for the Snatch City/Pulse hunt this weekend. (more about that later)

If you’ve been by the store over the last couple of weeks, you will have found some new women’s AND men’s jeans (L$100) and tanks (L$75) up on the wall. Rumor has it that a few are even still set at super low sale prices! (Lots more colors in store!)

We’ve got a few hunts going on this weekend with exclusive colors/patterns.

Snatch City/Pulse Condom Quest 2009:

Hunt exclusive - Free!

Hunt exclusive - Free!

Hunt exlusive - Free!

Hunt exlusive - Free!

L$75 in hunt, full price in vendor

L$75 in hunt, full price in vendor

L$75 in hunt, full price in vendor

L$75 in hunt, full price in vendor

The Wash Rotten Egg hunt:
Women’s Ditch Digger tank in olive, exclusive hunt color (free)
Free in hunt!

Free in hunt!

And the Spring is in the Air hunt is still going on at the main store:
Exclusive print/color of the Little Lisa dress!

That’s that! Have a great weekend!

Addison and Lavea
Main Store at Sn@tch City
The Wash
Syryns Sanctum

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