A-BOMB New color/tex change sandals plus 1L dress & 100L boots!

I know, I know… y’all are upset that we didn’t have any new releases last week. I tried to crack the whip on Lavea but she whined on and on about not having enough time to build a *completely new from the ground up main store* and design clothes at the same time. I don’t know what she was whining about. I mean, I stood there watching her and our friend Cat build and it didn’t look that hard to me. (No one tell her I said that though. She tends to get a little stabby at times.)

So I guess you want to know about the new release and sale items. Lavea made some kickass strappy sandals that we named Francesca. These babies are scripted with 14 color and 34 texture change options AND you can change each shoe separately so you can wear mismatched sandals if you want. We are selling them for 200L with and introductory price of 50L until Friday. I know that isn’t a heck of a long time for them to be on sale but geez… these babies are copy so you are really getting eleventybillion (give or take) pairs of shoes for 200L if you miss the sale!

Now then, I know there have been a ton of hunts and stuff going on and so our last release may have escaped your notice… the Pictures of You dress is so damn cute I am having a hard time taking it off, though I do manage to change colors most days. And the best part? We have ballet boots that match every color and they look so cute together it makes me go :::squeeeee:::

Just to make sure you get a chance to check these out, I made an executive decision to mark down the teal version to 1L and the matching Kittencat ballet boots to 100L until Friday.

Okay okay, I will shut up after I say this last bit: unless you’ve been living under a rock you have heard that there is a new Sn@tch City sim and we are moving our main store to a swank location there. We still have the Muse store open for a bit to let you update your landmarks and such. Oh, and while we were working on that, it was decided for us that our store on Floating Comet will be moving to the Car Wash sim. Floatie Hock is a kick ass landlord but she has decided to consolidate to one location. More information about that move in future notices. ANNNNNDDD since we weren’t nearly busy enough, we also opened a store in the fornever shopping mall.

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Addison and Lavea

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