A-BOMB is moving to Sn@tch City!!

You may hear this other places today but we are all so damn excited about the soft opening of Sn@tch City. You should be too!


All your favorite alternative shops in a post apocalyptic nightmare of epic proportions. The aliens have come…the humans are gone and plants and insects rule the city. Something has gotten out of the quarantine area and the city gates are open letting loose every foul beast imaginable. Watch your step, the old ones have their eye on you. Sn@tch City…the Future begins NOW!

8 main stores including Sn@tch, The Hunger, !ReTox!, [Gauze], Forsaken, [42], A-Bomb and Tyranny. Fabulous Branch Stores from Fukmi, Nekoriffic, Urban Dysfunction, Stringer Mausoleum, Pretty-N-Punk, Worldwide Ind. Blood & Scars, Splintered Gallery, Silver Wheel, Virtual Poses & Props, Fear & Clothing, WoE & RARA AVIS.

Consider this weekend a preview leading up to the freakin’ SERIOUS grand opening craziness planned for next week.

Most of us will have one item marked down to 60L and who knows, if you look around enough there may be some hidden freebies or cheapies on some walls too.

Our 60L item is our popular A-BOMB Hunter hiking boots in the zebra print.

We have also moved our Twisted hunt gifts to the new location so take a peek around for it while you are there.

Here’s a pic of the new shop. We are not quite finished with it, but considering we decided to make this move on, oh, MONDAY and had our fanfookingtastic friend build it from scratch, I think its looking damn good.

Build by Caterina Canning, pic by Kalle Contepomi

Build by Caterina Canning, pic by Kalle Contepomi

–>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on our new subscribe-o-matic board. While Lavea was updating the old, it wiped out our subscriber list. There is a limited edition cowboy hat as a gift for signing up, this particular hat will only be available for s-o-m members!<–



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