Fashion Relay Challenge

Check the Fashion Relay Challenge page for info on rules and other blogs!

Sneaky bloggers! I went out of town for the weekend with four people ahead of me, and came home to find they all blogged this weekend! Sorry for holding up the line, but I’m finally here!

Rosie Shark came up with an adorable beach look, with some very cute hair that I had to run out and get from Pixel Dust (Quinn in Mahogany). I think I managed a slightly different look than she did. πŸ˜€

I’m wearing one of my most favoritist things ever. Addison went on a hunt for a leather jacket and found this amazing one from Cipher. Yes, it is a prim coat. I am just astounded by the prim detail on it. It comes with two lengths on the lower section or it can be worn without them and is just as hot as you can see below.

I’ve paired the jacket with the Sn@tch Purple Latex Pants and Metro Boots. I tried my best to not have more than one thing from a designer, but I failed. The pants were just perfect and I love purple, and the boots just completed the look. I will take a pat on the back for not self-promoting, though. I was very tempted to put on my own ballet boots! lol

Srsly…what’s not to love about pants that make your butt look this good?

And finally…accessories!

I am in love with my face piercing set. All the pieces you see including the hoop earrings attach on ONE ATTACH POINT! I haven’t taken it off since I got it at LoveCats. My collar is actually a Christmas gift item from Fussy, and I am unsure if it is available otherwise. I looked through the store and didn’t find it, but I’m a bit daft at times. πŸ˜€

I know, that technically means I didn’t meet the accessory requirement for this challenge. However, I personally consider tattoos an accessory. The one I am wearing is from Garden of Ku named No More Pain. There are some really amazing tat sets there. Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

Ah…skin. We do love our skins, don’t we? [42] has much for us to love, including the skin I am wearing. It is Gravity_04 in neutral. Skin packs include four different looks.

That’s it for me…passing the baton on to Brandy Rasmuson !


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