A-BOMB – Twisted Hunt, L$25 dress and L$1 shoes!

So I admit it, I’m a big ol’ slacker. Poor Lavea slaves over new releases and all I have to do is blog and can I do that in a timely manner? Apparently not! (FTR, i do a LOT more than blog but whatever.)

The newness is a super cute, rockabilly style dress in four colors. The Little Lisa dress is priced at L$150 with the dagger version on sale for L$25 until Tuesday-ish. (It was supposed to be through today but again… Addi = slacker.)

We’ve also marked down one of our biggest selling shoes to only L$1 this week. The Bianca pumps in purple. I don’t have a pretty picture of this to show you but they are right there on the wall with the other shoes.

A-BOMB is proud to be in the TWISTED Hunt and until March 30th will be giving a version of the Little Lisa dress made especially for the hunt and a pretty snappy shirt for the guys. I have two pics showing the guys shirt because the one I took was crap and a friend took pity on me and snapped a better one.

So that’s that. Lavea will be home from her weekend trip and she can’t yell at me for not blogging. YAY!

See you soon!
Addi Mortlock
Main Store at Muse (TWISTED hunt prize here at the main store)
Floating Comet
Syryns Sanctum


Plurk: lavea_alter and addison_mortlock



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