New Release!

So a few weeks ago Lavea saw some zebra striped Doc Martens somewhere on the intarwebs and once I promised her she could marry them someday she got to work on the Hunter hiking boots. No, they aren’t Docs but they are flipping sweet. Sized for men but never fear, the resizing script is in them so you can make them fit your petite little size 0 feets ladies. The cow texture is a mere 25L until Sunday when it goes to the regular price of 250L

We’ve got new stilettos in 10 colors! (These have actually been out for a week but I was too lazy to send a notice last week. I mean, um, I didn’t want to spam the subscribo group last week. Or something.) The dark pink is on sale for only 10L until Sunday then returns to normal price of… can you guess? Yes! Its 100L – I’m so proud of you!

And last but definitely not least, we finally got around to doing an outfit as tribute to the Inimitable Betty Page. Super cute pants that can be worn with or without the sculpty cuffs that I insist Lavea make, and a cute collared shirt tied just under your ta-tas. I doubt Ms. BP would have worn a shirt with her picture on the back but I’ll bet she’d have worn this outfit if it wasn’t there. Sorry, you will have to supply your own riding crop. Outfit comes on all layers, of course and is priced at a reasonable 150L.

So that’s it this week… oh wait, I don’t feel like typing it out, you know the drill. Insert the obligatory mention of the two hunts we are participating in, our lucky board and our fnordian haggle box here. By the way, did you know one of our hunt prizes was a pair of boots for men?!

See you soon!
Addi Mortlock and Lavea Alter
Main Store at Muse (Vain Inc Kissed hunt prize here at the main store)
Floating Comet (KN’s Greatest Love hunt prizes here)
Syryns Sanctum (No prize here but a really cool new build)


Plurk: lavea_alter and addison_mortlock



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