A-BOMB New release and freebie hunt information – 2/3/09

Okay everyone, I know you are used to witty witty commentary from me in these things… what? Yes, you are. Shut up and humor me. Anyway, as I was saying… I’m simply drawing a blank tonight.

Let’s give it a try anyway…

Lavea was picturing a smoke filled lounge while she was making these gorgeous dresses. Aw hell, I’m just gonna let the dresses speak for themselves. 150L each, prim fur trim at neckline comes on both chest and spine attach points.

Other new stuff:
No general freebie this week because we are participating in two hunts. At our main store, A-BOMB at Muse we will have a freebie for Vain Inc’s Kissed Hunt that runs from the 6th to the 20th.

At our Floating Comet store, A-BOMB at Floating Comet we will have a freebie for the Greatest Love hunt which runs from the 7th to the 28th.

And we have a new store at a really cool area here: A-BOMB at Syryns

Yeah, that’s all I got. Time to find some morphine for my headache. (Kidding, mostly.)

Addison and Lavea


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