A-BOMB does ballet boots?!?! Sale and 1L items released 1-28-09

Ballet boots. Not our usual fare, you say? Well if superstars can wear them to awards shows they must be mainstream, right?


Well whatever, we made them in lots of lickable colors. We’ve set the black version for sale at 100L until Sunday and then they go to the regular price of 250L so run in and save some money while you can! These will show as no copy/no mod/trans but there is a resizing script in them.

There are also cute sweetheart neckline cotton shirts with amusing sayings on them. The gray and blue “Stealin'” version is only 1L, the rest 10L until Sunday and then all will go to the regular price of a whopping 50L. I am only showing you two here in order to not spam up the feed with pictures. There are eight different colors and sayings.

That’s about it for this week’s new releases. I’ve chained Lavea up in the sweatshop to work on all kinds of goodies. Look for some strappy heels, some men’s items, and some other pretties for you!

Addison and Lavea

OH damn, I almost forgot… we are participating in both the ‘Greatest Love’ and ‘Kissed” grid wide hunts so keep your eyes peeled for information on those!

Main Store

Floating Comet Store


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